1. Q: Can we use your money to pay for inspections, appraisals, etc.?
    A: No, we only provide money at closing or to an escrow account
  2. Q: Can we use your money to close on a wholesale deal for 30 days or so, until I sell the deal?
    A: Yes, under the right conditions.
  3. Q: Can you wait on receiving your fee until closing?
    A: In most cases that is possible, but it could potentially come with a higher cost.
  4. Q: Will you do double close funding at 2 pts.? I love this answer personally,
    A: NO! We could not have our highly successful investors to do anything for very little return. They usually get in the position they are in because they know something that most don’t. Our points start at 4!
  5. Q: Can we get a POF for nothing up front and bring you into the deal?
    A: Sometimes, that can happen, but you would have to get your end buyer to prove up to us, first.
  6. Q: Can you escrow money for us until the deal closes without any money?
    A: We will never do a deal like this one. The client must have some "skin" in the game. We do have overhead.
Just remember, Money is never a problem, only the structure of the deal can stop the you from achieving success.

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